Our services pages describe our most-requested services here in Portland -- garage and outbuilding construction, patio cover design and construction, and seismic services (such as seismic retrofits).

We employ the design software Chief Architect to provide building plans and 3D modeling for our projects and can model your project with complete accuracy in materials and design.

This is a service that we provide to our construction customers when we are hired to build a job where we will be obtaining a building permit and is always included. Customers love the experience, as well, as they are able to more easily envision the final build. Rest assured that we will be able to show you your project in immense detail prior to commencement of construction.

We invite you to visit our Design Gallery to view the level of quality work we perform every day. When you're ready to schedule a meeting, give us a call at (503) 577-7782 or use our online contact form.

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